Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot Pot last week

about 7 of us sat around the bubbling wok and dipped beef, radish, some greens, bean sprouts, pork, tofu(not as successful), potato, and squids of course into spicy broth and lard with floating chilis, ginger chunks, and prickly ash(sichuan pepper). smitty introduced me to a beer from his hometown, the name and the label had a lion in it. the mood was festive though one potter was reprimanded for his poor etiquette. special thanks to thomas for lending us his portable bunsen burner

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

birday cake

surprise bday party cake for g'ma. it's hard to make out the bird poop in this image.

margaret & patch

prickly ash veggie chili

i think that's some irish whiskey cheddar on top

margaret, patch & jeremy(?)

potato leek soup

a collaborsoup w/ margaret. the highlight of the meal was the olive oil, straight from margarets adventures on an olive oil farm in italy.

margaret & patch

all things culinary

Just another cooking blog. Hopefully plenty of my comrades will be posting on here as well. I'm mostly posting photos of things that happen in the kitchen.